We know it's not always easy to know when your parking lot needs maintenance or repair. So we've answered a few of the common questions you might have concerning your lot.
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Q: What contributes to my parking lots deterioration?

A: Many factors can be responsible for a parking lots deterioration. If the initial construction of the lot was faulty and lacking in quality, your lot might have more problems than a well-paved parking lot. Extreme weather conditions, such as rapid temperature changes, can contribute to how often a lot needs maintenance. Oil spills, heavy loads, and cracks will also quickly deteriorate your parking lot.

Q: What should I do to keep my parking lot in good condition?

A: Perform general maintenance on your lot every 3-5 years. Seal coating, crack filling, and replacement of damaged sections are just a few routine repairs you'll need to make throughout your lots lifetime.

Q: When is the best time to perform maintenance on my parking lot?

A: Generally, this depends on the weather. Most maintenance and repairs can be done between the months of April and December.

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